1. Anything outsourced is expensive and unnecessary.
  2. It is better to have your own staff than to entrust your accounts to a third party.
  3. Our services are limited to drafting financial documents.

However, the truth is:

  1. More time and money are wasted on an in-house accountant’s hiring process, training, adaptation to company culture, monthly salary, incentives and bonuses.

Outsourced accounting services are mostly contract basis, based on the services required and the expiration date of the contract. Such services are also made affordable and suitable for SMEs with full accounting packages.

  • True, it may be intimidating to trust a third party with your company’s finance.

But we think it is for the better good. Our accountants fully focus on the task on have, which is accounting services for your company. This gives your staffs plenty of time to focus on higher-level tasks such as financial decision-making. It is a win-win situation.

  • We have a wide range of accounting services available.

Here are some:

  • Bookkeeping services – this includes creating invoices for customers and preparing statements. On top of that, Singapore bookkeeping services are also responsible for collecting dets, paying bills and reconciling bank accounts. Our professional accountants can manage your books, while ensuring accuracy.
  • Payroll processing – Employee satisfaction depends heavily on the payroll. Our accountants will ensure that their paycheck are accurately delivered to your staffs on time. On top of this, we also manage tasks such as tax deduction, leave adjustments, bonuses, incentives and salary deduction.
  • Accounting services – we also deal with financial transactions such as payment and bills, annual turnovers, debts, credits, penalties and journals.

Whatever the accounting issue you face, you can trust Singapore Accounting Services to solve it for you.

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