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Accounting Service

Flexible accounting service for Yearly / Quarterly / Monthly period, with a fee from $50 onwards.

There are absolutely No Hidden Costs!

Flexible accounting service for Yearly / Quarterly / Monthly period

Provide accounting services to Company that required Outsourcing of accounting services, to cut cost in employing full-time account staff
Provide Accounting Report:

Income StatementBalance Sheet
General Ledger
Trial Balance
Debtors Ageing Report
Creditors Ageing Report
Bank and other Reconciliation
Audit Schedule

We prepare the accounts according to the Singapore Accounting
Standards and Companies Act

Provide consultancy and advice on your business performance, whereby you
can get an independent opinion on the performance of your business operation
We can advise you on how to keep your documents so that your documents
will be neat and tidy.
Provide timely reminder on the relevant deadlines and financial report matters

Preparation of Unaudited Financial Report
Review and computation of tax and deferred tax provisions for inclusion of the financial statements
Goods and Services Tax (GST) Preparation and Registration

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a broad-based consumption tax levied on import of goods, as well as nearly all supplies of goods and services.

Required by ACRA, a Singapore registered company with an annual turnover of S$1million is liable to register for GST.
Our service includes consultation and submission of your corporate profile for GST application.

Tax Planning – Corporate & Personal Income Tax computation (IRAS)
Filling up and submission of Form C / Form B / Form P (IRAS)

Companies in Singapore are business entities that are registered under the Companies Act, Chapter 50. Under this act, your company has its own properties, can be sued and is entitled to perpetual succession. Business rules in Singapore can be somewhat confusing, but if you hire the services of an accounting service, you will be assured of staying in compliance with the laws and regulations.

Business owners, especially small business owners and entrepreneurs, have quite a few jobs to perform. Retaining the skills of accounting services Singapore can help ease the load and give you more time to focus on core business techniques. Hiring an accounting firm is less expensive than hiring many employees to do different jobs.

Some of the services provided by an accounting firm include:

Accounting services we offer, well, accounting. High-level accounting is available in accounting service firms. The services of an accountant include creating budgets, finalizing financial statements and preparing tax returns for state, local and federal entities. Accounting services offer audit and business valuation services plus they can monitor the depreciation of assets and help you determine cash flow strategies. You can also use accounting service in Singapore to help with fraud issues or set-up computer accounting systems.

Additional services offered by accounting services in Singapore include entrepreneurship and management. Accounting services can reduce risk and waste plus help you increase innovation and learning. Your clients will be presented with an entirely new way of working with your business. This will help increase trust and customer loyalty. Customers will know you now have the professionalism behind you accounting methods.

If you are in need of secretarial and accounting services Singapore, hire a company that follows the law of Singapore. The Singapore Companies Act instructs that all Singapore incorporated companies appoint a secretary for the company. Good secretaries can help you maintain minute books, prepare minutes and take minutes at annual general meetings, help with annual returns and update development in compliance regulations.

If you need a service to help your firm go public and meet the necessary requirements, you need to hire an accounting service. You can hire this type of service on a long-term or short-term basis. Use them when reports and financial issues are very heavy or on a continual basis. They are here to help you succeed.